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MyVehicleWrap understands that the effective marketing methods of the past simply don’t “drive” customers they way they used to. So what’s a company to do to increase new business, when newspapers and magazines are a dying breed and DVR has made the TV commercial nothing short of obsolete?

In short: Wrap it up!        

MyVehicleWrap help turn company vehicles you already own into mobile, eye-catching, round-the-clock advertisements that demand attention. With a lower cost-per-impression than any form of advertising available, creating a moving billboard with MyVehicleWrap promotes your business while raising brand awareness, using only a fraction of your traditional marketing dollars.  That’s why vehicle wrapping is the fastest-growing form of marketing in the U.S. today.

That’s a wrap!

Fast Facts

Vehicle Wraps Working For You:  Overcrowding of America’s Highways = Good News for Marketers
A vehicle wrap works 24/7 – even if you don’t.
Dollar for dollar, vehicle wraps are the most effective form of advertising available today.
Vehicle wraps generate huge impressions!
Vehicle wrap marketing is currently the single fastest-growing form of marketing in the U.S.


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“The wrap is the best investment I’ve ever made!”
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